Friday, April 4, 2014

Speaking of Wes Anderson...

{Here via here}

First there were entire Wes Anderson film color palettes. Now there are colors from specific scenes. Brilliant. 

Happy Friday friends! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Farewell, Domino

I recently sold my collection of Domino Magazines on ebay, which was surprisingly exciting. While I'll miss them, it was nice to know they will now bring someone else joy. And I made money on them! Plus this means that I have taken another step to break my hoarding tendencies. Win-win-win! Before I saw them go, I went through and took a few photos of some of my favorite bits. Totally normal, right? Perhaps these are all online already (or maybe you have your own back issues to peruse?), but now I have my own mini archive of favorites. I should do this with the rest of my magazine stash...
Remember this one? It's a particular favorite of mine.

I think the wallpaper does it for me. Crazy, kooky, but gorgeous all the same! I need to do some research to find out where it's from. 

I also found out that these are the same people who sell these candles, which look very cool. I need to find them in an actual store so I can smell them. They sound divine.

I love the whole bohemian-modern eclecticism of this place. 

Here is another view of the ding room, from their website

And the kids room:

{Images taken by me, from Domino Magazine}
Did you have a favorite Domino spread? And do you hoard magazines? Tell me I'm not alone.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Colors of Wes Anderson Films

I haven't seen the newest Wes Anderson film, but it looks really good and the reviews I've read say its good too. Also, it has Ralph Fiennes, who is a great actor (have you seen The Constant Gardner?). I was not a big fan of Moonrise Kingdom, but it was a visual delight, as his movies always are. I can't deny that. That's why I was thrilled to see this:

{via here found originally here}
Wes really likes his saturated yellows and is not such a fan of green or purple. Interesting… I can't wait to see what colors he uses in the The Grand Budapest Hotel!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Burberry Addendum

Two more things about the Burberry show...

Those bags. Wow. 

And these blankets. Apparently, each model wore one at the end with their initials on it. Aww. Love that. And does this mean that blankets as outerwear is a thing now? Maybe only if its a monogrammed Burberry blanket? SBY for me please, Mr. Bailey.

{via NYT}

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Patterns at Burberry - Fall 2014

 These hand painted patterns on everything over at Burberry make a textile designer's heart jump with glee. So much fun, and so good. I am scouring the web to find more images of the patterns. I would love to see the full repeat on each of them.

Look at the painterly brush strokes and colors. Also, can we talk about the bags and shoes?! 

Oh, the scarves. So gorgeous. 

That coat! Fabulous. Reminds me of Vanessa Bell at Charleston house (which I think was a reference for the collection, so they're spot on).

This is a favorite. 


So much more to see… So go see it here.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This is divine.

This wallpaper from Anthropologie is brightening up my day. Can you imagine it in a room? Wowza.! In a good way. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Pattern at London Fashion Week - Fall 2014

You know what you can do one handed? A surprising number of things! Including catching up on fashion shows while you hold feed/rock/sway your baby your other hand (And type this blog post! whee! Look at me!). 

I know I'm a bit behind, London is after NY after all, but I'll try to catch up. I was too enamored with all the printed goodness coming out of London not to share it first.

Let's start with Paul Smith:

Look at this Baroque goodness! I mean… Can I design for you, Paul?

This scarf was also very fetching.

Next up Preen:

These Islamic/geometric prints are quite cool. 

Another cool print.

This isn't a print, but lacy white shirts are my thing. I love them. So, I love this.

This, however:

These Star Wars iron on decals I do not love. Why?

Let's move on to Temperley:

So pretty! I love her mix of patterns in a single print.

Oh, if I had the money and hips to wear this.

Also her placement prints are divine!

This is slightly reminiscent of quilts and Japanese fabric.

Here I am feeling Chinese or Russian embroidery. Either way, it's good.

Now, lets wrap things up with Duro Olowu:

Pretty prints as far as the eye can see.

Tropical done right. All these prints look really fun to design.

This mix of patterns is my fave. 

Again, the mix of patterns!Gets me every time.

So good. 

Stay tuned for more. Or just go see all the collections here:
All images via

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