Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Just this.

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Whoever made this gif, thank you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vita kin

As you may have noticed, I don't have the time to write or blog very much these days. Most of my free time is spent working or taking a moment for myself. I write a lot of blog posts in my head while on a walk, at the park or reading Peek-a-Who for the 20th time, but then by the time nap-time rolls around I completely forget what I was going to say and sit staring at a blank screen. So, I'm writing this to say, please forgive my short blog posts. That's just where I'm at right now. But I still have things I want to share and so I try. I view my blog as more of a personal view of my life as well as a place to share my designs. Thank you for reading! And I have a moment (nap time!) and something to share. Vita Kin!

{all via Instagram unless otherwise noted}


Wouldn't this be a great wedding dress? 

Oh, why yes it would. 

Apparently, this was the "It" dress for the fashion set this summer. I saw one of the dresses on Instagram and was immediately smitten. Such fun and so unique. I'm not sure that I could pull it off at the playground, but I still love the look. Perhaps a coat?

Yes! This is amazing. Their only marketing is by Instagram and they work in small factories using traditional techniques and only produce a certain number of garments. Here is a great interview with Vita Kin. She doesn't give a lot of interviews and runs her company exactly as she wants to. Love her. 

Oh, and we haven't even spoken about the patterns! Folk pattern heaven!

Those sleeves!?! And with that, I think I need to go start designing some folk patterns!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Some Things for your Tuesday

Some new work! Polka dots! Always a good idea.

{copyright Sarah York}
Well, Friday came (and so did Monday) so here are some things for you on a random Tuesday. 

This house tour was lovely and wonderfully lived in. I love home tours and seeing how people live, I'm nosy like that. 

I am in love with this skirt by Ace & Jig. And pretty much everything by Ace & Jig. I have a couple things from them that I love, but I officially want to join the fan girl club!

I watched this movie on Netflix and really enjoyed it. I need to read the book now! Have you read it? Supposedly much better than the movie, of course.

I sent out my first newsletter with some exciting news about my designs for Greetabl

Here is a sneak peek:
{image via Greetabl}

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Anthro floral love

I was looking around the Anthropologie website this morning and came across this:
Floral digitally printed bedding based on a Swedish tapestry design. YES. And here is a closeup:

My thoughts, 1. Thank you Anthropologie for always having inspiring items in your store. 2. I need to paint something on a large scale. 3. I need to go to Sweden!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Some things

This house tour in T Magazine. A combination of so many things I love. White, pattern, antique textiles, bohemian. Major dream house aspirations.

The movie Iris is now streaming on Netflix! Such a fun and interesting movie. And I didn't know she started Old World Weavers, I love their fabric. And I love Iris!

I love the selection at this online store. They also have a retail store in Salt Lake City, which looks lovely. Also the founders seem pretty cool. I love this especially!

Yesterday was Pumpkin Pie Day! A tradition in my family. I'm so glad pumpkin season is upon us! I think I may have perfected my pie crust recipe, but I need to try this first.

And to end on a tragic note, these stories posted on Humans Of New York from the refugees in Europe is heartbreaking. But worth reading all of them. And donating if you can.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hawaiian Westy Adventure!

Aloha! Did I mention we were going to Hawaii? Well, we did and it was awesome! We rented a VW Westfalia (from Maui Westy Campers- and it was great! Super nice and easy.) which has been a dream of mine for awhile, and it did not disappoint. It was such a relaxed and fun way to see Hawaii. Also we felt like locals and had so many great interactions because of the van and the places we went in it, which made the trip really great. Now to buy one of our own!

We started off visiting my brother and our first stop was the beach, naturally. Violet was a natural and charged right into the waves. A bit too eager for Michael and my taste! Her response to her life jacket? "Don't like it!"

This family picture taken by my brother amuses me. And turtles! 

We saw a couple rainbows (Violet's first!) and coming from our rain parched part of the world, they were a very exciting sight!

Our first campground was right on the water so we got a lot of swimming time in. Wake up swim! After breakfast swim, pre-nap swim, etc. Violet loved it, but did not love taking pictures. Can you tell?

Our campsite for a few days!

The van in all her glory. 

One of our favorite beaches on the way to Lahaina. The waves were perfectly small for Violet, it wasn't that deep, there was shade on the beach, good snorkeling, crabs to watch... We loved it!

Violet loved the van! She called it the "van-car".

Early morning swim session.

Ahh. Take me back there! 

Honalua Bay was gorgeous and the snorkeling was amazing too. Apparently during other seasons this is a great surf spot. No waves for us though- and that was a big plus for us, because a baby + big waves = Ugh.

Picture perfect beach! And Violet in all her stripes. 

We watched a gorgeous sunset here, overlooking the ocean, Lanai in the distance and saw part of a great hula show. We didn't pay for the expensive hula show, because you can watch it for free if you go to the restaurant right behind it that looks over all of this. It was super fun, the food was decent, the drinks were good... We were really surprised it wasn't busier! (If you're interested the hula show starts at 6:30/sunset)

The next night we drove to a completely different side of the island and camped on the edge of some lava fields by the ocean. The stars were so clear! And after living in a city for 4 years, when you see that many stars, its something to talk about!

Violet is not amused with selfies.

Just had to include this photo, as that yellow dot is a butterfly! What are the odds?

The next day, we drove to the complete opposite side of the island. Hana! 

And stopped for the night at a campground by the black sand beach. I came here with my family when I was one year old, so it was super fun to come here with Violet and see her where I've seen photos of myself as a baby. 

The waves and the current here were intense, so no swimming for Violet. She was not amused.

Next up, a short drive up the coast and a few hours waiting to see if the tsunami warning would kick us back to higher ground. It didn't and we were safe to stay at Haleakala National Park. 

The road to Hana!


More Hana views! We only stayed out there two nights because of the mosquitos (I couldn't even count how many bites I got!) and the beaches were not super mellow for Violet. So, back to the other side we went. Driving in the van was really fun and the views are so beautiful, so it wasn't a big deal.

The seven(not seven) sacred(not sacred) pools. 

Ahh, the same, "are you done taking pictures, mom?" face!

Our last night and found this beach. It was one of the most beautiful we went to! Snorkeling, small waves, perfectly clear warm water, soft sand, shade, turtles. The only downside was that we didn't have it to ourselves. Ah, well.

We're so happy and relaxed. Does this vacation have to end?

And the gorgeous sunset.

Aloha, Hawaii. Until next time!

I mean, come on.

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